Friday, May 4, 2012

EK Part 1: The Magic Stays With You

It was my childhood dream to go to Enchanted Kingdom. You see, theme parks are always my thing. I feel so elated being in one!

Last weekend, I finally fulfilled that dream in the company of good and fun friends! We were so hyped we met in Ayala Triangle around 7:30 am. Ayala on Sundays is pretty deserted. We took the chance to take a couple of shots now that we're free from awkward passers-by's stares.

This one's cool. Jimmy's high-looking jump looks appropriate in his Superman shirt. You might as how to get to Enchanted Kingdom?

It took 1-2 hour bus travel to EK. We got there around 10.45 am. It was scorching hot. It was soooo hot I frantically hid under any shade I could find. The gate opens not until 11am so while waiting we took shots with Eldar. 

When it was time for opening, play attendants lined up donning purple wizard hats like of Eldar and performed a welcome dance. Then, Eldar and his very young girlfriend Princess (Oops, secret's out, haha just kidding) came out to welcome us all to his playground. Like little kids in candyland we hurried to get in and wondered which ride to try first. 

Good thing we got a map. We put X's or checks on the rides we tried. The mission was to ride ALL rides within the day before dusk, prioritize awesome rides as much as possible. It was good we had Lea. She knew what time a ride opens so we had better use of our time and knew which ride to try first. Gameplan was to avoid long queues as much as possible. It will eat up all your precious time in the park. 

So first, we had the Flyinf Fiesta. Swings that take you swinging high up in the air. I got a bit dizzy though.

Next up was the most thrilling of them all, the Space Shuttle. The adrenaline rush was unbelievable. It was one the most exhilarating rides I have ever been on since The Abyss in HK Ocean Park and Space Mountain of HK Disneyland. IT WAS SO AWESOME WE HAD TO RIDE THE SECOND TIME. Well my friends did. I chickened out after Anchors Way. I felt my heart and stomach cannot 'stomach' it anymore. LOL.

Log jump was something I used to see in Pinoy movies and swore I had to try someday. Upon hearing of the unfortunate news of a person who fell off, I had second thoughts. Good thing Jaime talked me into it coz it was fun! But when the log we were on inched higher and higher, the anticipation of its sudden descent was too much to bear I was shaking a little. I held on tight and thought this was a bad idea and will never ever try it again. After the drop, I said, AWESOME LET'S DO IT ONE MORE TIME! Yeah. 

Anchors Away looks harmless. But man, how it could give you butterflies in your stomach as it rocks you back and forth higher and higher to the sky. It made me a bit sick after though. 

We had the regular Bump Cars and Bump and Splash. Be careful no to have your legs touch the motor, their hot.

Our personal favorite by unanimous votes is Rio Grande Rapids. We were warned at the entrance to prepare to get wet we didn't take it seriously. By wet we guessed getting randomly sprayed at with water along the way but not this soaking wet!

Will we try riding it again? Of course. In fact, we rode it twice! It was a superb ride I'm dreaming of trying one in Singapore. :) Fingers crossed! When we were about to head home, we got into this magical carousel ride. It looked so beautiful at night. I think everyone has their soft spot for carousel rides. After all, it's the most harmless ride for a little kid and I remember seeing Mama and Papa smiling reassuringly on the sides taking pictures as I went round and round aboard my horse. 

My first time in EK was a blast. Fun and memorable. Cannot wait to go and see places.

Cheers to more stories to come! :)


Em said...

looks like you really had fun :))
i hope to visit enchanted kingdom too!

Noelle Chantal said...

I miss going to EK! My little nephews are dying to go back there again! :)

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