Tuesday, April 10, 2012

It Gets Better With Age

A college friend shared this google fact on our facebook page:

"Every seven years you lose around half of your friends and replace them with new ones"

Sad, sad reality. Attachments, they're evil. I had trouble with them after high school then I learned to let go and let it be. It was easier that way. I am the kind that tries to keep in touch and keeps the fire of friendship from going cold. But when, I feel my efforts are being taken for granted, I just let go. And when I do, it's hard to salvage the dying embers. I, then become a semi-friend and semi-stranger or more of an acquaintance. I don't open up as much and don't share as much. I keep a comfortable distance. The kind of comfort that can survive a get-together dinner. 

Thank God, there are just friends that no matter how long you haven't talked to each other or seen each other, the warmth of familiarity is still there. Those I treasure the most. 

Friends since high school. :) One year more til we say, A DECADE OF FRIENDSHIP! The one wearing black is my best friend, Kara. I'm feeling guilty coz I haven't gone out to treat her out for dinner! 
 We had brunch at Mary Grace while waiting for the 4:30 show of Hunger Games. I am one of the few who never got to really, really enjoy the movie. For me, it was just average.
Ah, Jro. How time flies. I've spent breaks with this guy arguing over GMA and ABS-CBN. The network wars. Funny how we got to involve the whole class in our foolish debate. But this guy's smart. He's currently taking his Masters in UP Diliman. 
Selecta's Super Thick ice cream.. NOT. The attendant told us it's not, stubborn kids as we are we refused to listen and insisted on taking a picture with the cones upside down. That's Jepoy by the way, my boy bud since high school. He came here to spend the weekend in Puerto Galera with some friends. I was supposed to come but I bailed out. I was needed in the office.  

So before their 10pm flight back to Cebu, we met up for dinner at Sizzling Pepper Steak. It was such a short rendezvous. We barely had time to properly sit and talk, we crammed everything in an hour! Yes, we have those long calls, but it's different to actually talk in person.

We were at the airport an hour early before their boarding time. And so, we lounged and went around for a bit.
All too soon, we had to say our goodbyes. It was a short visit, but I was glad I got to see him and Cris (who was extremely funny and teasing poor Kathy all the time!). 

I have a handful of friends I've loved and lost along the way. I have learned a few things. Keeping in touch is two-way. You just don't wait for them to call you, call them. Text them. Reach out first. But it gets tiring when the other party's turn cold. You'll know what I mean when you just get the generic Hi's and Hello's that ends with 'How's work' and 'Fine's.' 

Be very grateful for the ones who stayed. Like wine, friendship gets better with age. 

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Chyrel Gomez said...

True enough. I can even count the number of good friends I have. I even think I have the best set of friends. =)

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