Sunday, May 6, 2012

EK Part 2: Around the Park

It was a hot, hot day. The sun was glaring, my skin hurt. Good thing we put a lot of sunblock to protect us from her harmful rays.

As I've said in my previous post, theme parks are my thing. We waited in happy anticipation until it opens its doors. I was ecstatic seeing only a few people queue for tickets meaning we may have the place all to ourselves! Only to find out a few hours later, we were just to early coz the park filled up with people by 2pm. 

So allow me to take you around the Park. 

The walk around here reminded me so much of HK Disneyland but on a smaller scale and less bonggacious kind of way. I hope someone rich will invest and make it all better. But for a Php 500 entrance pass with ride all you can, you have what you paid for. 

Ali and I. Trying to look cool like, yeah, been there done that.. 'Imma chill and not run around for rides Imma take one at a time.'  which was totally not the case! Haha.

BE WARNED these play attendants will convince you you can win. The games may look EASY but they are tricky. Tricky I tell you! And they are not cheap, Php 50 a game. Needless to say, I overspent for what I initially set aside for this trip. Why oh why do I always overspend? Tsk.

There was this rock passageway. We stopped and said, ANTM! And so follows the lame lame attempt to replicate the models' smirk and poses. LOL. 

The Park has scheduled performances which they announce or happen in random around the Park. Be sure to catch them. It's a bummer I didn't get to watch the fire dance. There were men spitting and eating fire! 

Then we met a couple of friends. Met Janirah a highschool batchmate and officemate Abz.

 I still feel awkward posting outfit posts.. but I'm gonna end with one anyway.

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Megann Monday said...

I love going to theme parks as well! I've been to EK so many times but I have never gotten tired of it :)

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