Sunday, April 8, 2012

Mini Holy Week Excursion

Every auditor prays next year's Holy Week won't fall before April 15th. We are at our busiest. Peak season.

While everyone is announcing their travel plans for the week, I'm in the corner revising and printing financial statements. I wouldn't mind these late nights as long as I am not missing out on holiday vacays. At these time of the year, I should be at home lying idly on the couch watching the four-hour long Ten Commandments with my brother devouring a bowl of tabirak. I'm not sure what it's called here though.. it could be minatamis or ginataan? 

On Good Friday we had no work. I woke up late to the mid-morning heat. All stores were closed so we had bread, strawberry jam and coffee for breakfast. We all huddled together on the floor to watch Passion of Christ on Marjun's laptop. That movie tugs my heartstrings. I bailed the moment Jesus was lashed by the Romans. I know when I do I'd only bawl like I always do when watching it.
We headed to the church to pray and attend mass. It rained. It dampened our spirits a bit. We planned on walking along the barren streets of Makati Ave. Good thing the sun blazed in a short while  and took some pictures.
The charm of old churches. They always look good in photos.
Cotton candy! Manong was so game to pose. And he has the same shirt as Mylene's and Jimmy's. 'Twas so funny. There were a lot, like a lot, of people wearing that blue Superman shirt on Good Friday. 
I think we ate what was sold on the streets. Peanuts, popsicles, cotton candy, kwek-kwek, green mango.. Talk about fasting on Good Friday huh?
This was on Inquirer's front page. Tourists flocked the area to take pictures and have their pictures taken too. 
More and more walking as there were no jeepneys even the drivers took their holiday. We looked for food  to buy to bring home for dinner. Thank God Andok's was open. Their grilled and stuffed bangus is our favorite! 

Yes, we only stayed aroung Makati but in a way, we did a little traveling. As we walked along the deserted street of Rockwell Drive, I looked at my laughing friends and whispered a prayer of thanks for all the blessings I receive everyday. I was having that emo moment when Kelvin sang a funny line that goes like this, We will, we will ROCKWELL. It was so CORNY, we can't help but roll our eyes and burst out laughing.

I hope you all had a good week too. 

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