Saturday, April 7, 2012

Little Miss No More

For a girl who had been sheltered for 21 years of her life, living away from home is scary but a thrilling idea. I had been dreaming of earning my independence right after college when I learned there was no way my Mom would allow me to pursue my college degree in Cebu or Manila, I swore to myself in front of my bathroom mirror one rainy day (yeah, raging hormones gone haywire of a teenage girl in high school), I'd work away from home and learn to fend for myself. 

Five years later, here I am exactly where I pictured myself to be, renting out an apartment with college friends! Yes, this Papa's girl still gets homesick all the time but it's fine. Nothing compares to the comforts of the home I grew up in but staying there will chase maturity away.

I'm having fun with the perks of having your own place. I can come home and go as I please. When I go out  late with friends I never have to worry sick if my phone rings knowing my Mama is not on the other line telling me Papa's picking me up na. It's so liberating I am loving it so far. 

Our apartment is the default place to be for hang outs and celebrations. We surprised Mylene (girl with the Baguio souvenir shirt) on her birthday with ice cream. All of us are auditors, it's the peak season but that's no excuse to bail out on her mini surprise.

We were part of the Pyromusical. We made it a point to get together for it every weekend. I am such a sucker for fireworks I feel giddy like a kid whenever I see one. So, so magical. And better when shared with good company. 
Our college friend/dorm-mate/extension roommate came for a short visit for an exam. Glad she did. Haven't seen her for ages and missed her loads! We then had dinner at Banana Leaf in Powerplant Mall as it's nearer home and just across the street from our office.

Can't say I've managed independence in a breeze. I wouldn't have without the help of my housemates. Managing my finances was a challenge too. Before, I never had to worry for bills. Now I had to set aside for rent, utilities and phone bill. Shopping for groceries is new to me too. Before I never had to glance at the price, I just get and toss things in the cart. Now, I've had to carefully compare prices. 

All in all though, I'm loving every bit of it.

Next up in my to do list is traveling either with my friends or family. SOON! Cheers to good life. 

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