Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Major Transition!

It's been months since I've written. It's been months since I have been MIA.

But everything was worth it. All the hard work I put in to earn three letters now attached to my name. A few months back, I thought passing the licensure exam will somehow give me a breather. But no. Two weeks from now, I am breaking away from my comfort zone, HOME. Yes. I am scared. IT ALL HAPPENED IN A BLUR. I initially planned on being idle for two months, wait it out for next year but no. I just got hired. Jeez. 

Regardless of the uncertainties and the challenges that come with living independently, I know somehow I can pull this off because I have someone in my league who is far more powerful than all the elements of the this earth and beyond combined.. I have HIM. I may be a bit scared of my next step but I am taking it anyway. 

In two weeks, I'd say hello to my first busy audit season! 

As for now however, I'm gonna catch up on sleep. It's one luxury I missed out on my review months. 


herroyalbleakness said...

Weeee! Congrats on being a CPA!

ayah said...

ate. congrats. you deserve everything.

krissy ♥ said...

Congratulations :)

Wella Daynne said...

Hi!! I haven't visited your blog in a while! Congratulations!! Welcome to the profession.:) So happy for you. Really.:) Now you're back to blogging na. Yay.;)

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