Friday, November 4, 2011

Thirteen Years

My review days required me to be away from home for nearly five months. On my first week, I cried. And there were those days when I have waves of homesickness. My only consolation was to talk about them everyday especially more on funny stories of my little brother. When they finally came to Manila to fetch me, my little brother is not so little anymore. He's become taller than me by an inch! And he's only thirteen! He's become more handsome. His once smooth forehead already has tiny pimple breakouts. I can't believe this was the baby I carefully held in my arms. Gawd. Okay, I'm getting more mushy. 

We celebrated his thirteenth birthday in Kimono Ken. It's a Japanese restaurant located in SM Mall of Asia. My mother and I are more adventurous when it comes to food but my Dad is not so it took us some time to convince him to try Jap food. Good thing he did when I mentioned ramen coz I know he loved the one we tried in HK's Ocean Park. 

They served this first. They call this Oki Maki, I think. Note to self, take notes. It was cold, sweet and delicious. My entire family enjoyed having it as an appetizer. Even my hard-to-please Dad nodded in approval. 

I did not like this one. I think it had some herb that was too much to my liking. This is also the reason why I am wary of Thai food.
Kimono Ken has arguably the best tasting Chicken Teriyaki I have ever tasted. My brother devoured it in minutes. The one at the left is Beef Teriyaki. Can't say much coz I didn't have any. My brother and Dad ate it all before I had the chance. 
I had Gyudon. And a type of ramen I forgot what. They had big servings. Mine was good for two which explained why I had a hard time finishing it all. I was already so full I feel my stomach would burst any minute and I'm not kidding! Good thing I had a loose printed top on.
When we were about to bill out, Kimono Ken's service crew and floor supervisor (whatever he's called since he's ordering people around) clapped their hands and sang a Japanese song which I presume to be Happy Birthday in Japanese. Like, duh! He was given a free ube ice cream with a tiny candle to blow. My brother was all smiles, he was obviously delighted! And I must say, the service was very satisfactory. They serve fast. They anticipate your needs. And everyone's cheery and friendly. 

Will I revisit? Definitely yes. My Dad liked it. He's the kind of man who sticks to native cuisine and for me to see him eat like this... 

without a word of complaint? Kimono Ken made it clear to Dad that Japanese food is delicious and that prices indicated were reasonable! 

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Chyrel Gomez said...

Like you, I was also away and went on blogging hiatus for month. I get really happy when you visit my blog. :)

I am forever faithful to anything chicken, it's my favorite from the entire poultry group. It's good to know you enjoyed the food and nothing beats the time spent with the bloodlines. XD

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