Wednesday, May 25, 2011

We Cook, We Eat.

This is our second cooking session at my place to date. I think this will become a tradition. A productive and cheaper way to gather all friends around. It's also my best friend's first time to visit our newly-renovated house. 

FACT 1. I'm no good in cooking. In fact the only things I ever contributed to the delicious dish served that day was to open a can, dice mangoes and melt the butter. 

FACT 2. I TRY MY BEST TO COME UP WITH A DISH WITH MORE COOPERATION FROM ME. I am missing out on the other girls. I really need to brush up on my cooking before I get married. I am proud of how good my Mom cooks. I wanna be a Mom too to a kid who loves to eat what I cook. Noh? So there, at least I am practicing. 

FACT 3. I AM BAD at opening cans with a can opener. Ironic, since I am particularly good at opening one with a knife. Yes, I am rough like that.
 our resident CHEF. What would we do without her skills?
 Don't be fooled, I was only melting the butter.
 the white sauce for the tuna spaghetti 
The girls enjoying the fruits of, ehem, our labor. Hey, I did help. The creamy tuna spaghetti was really good. I must say the taste rivals that of Aruma's Tuna Alfredo (my fave dish from them). Needless to say, we had several helpings. Dessert was Mango Tapioca. Til next time girls. See you all in five months!


MariaKristela said...

I love tuna spaghetti! It's yummier and healthier. :)

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Charlotte Beecham said...

I love your blog. your style and vibe are great.

Check mine out!

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