Thursday, April 7, 2011

Surrounded By Nurses!

At the rate of nursing graduates my country has each year, it may be said, Philippines is the capital of nurses. I, for one, is surrounded with licensed nurses. My aunt is a nurse, three of my cousins are (one's graduating) and most of my girl friends are! 
It's funny when I look back. When we hang in between classes, I'm surrounded with people in white ensembles. They were all conscious with mess as it was not easy getting the stain out of their nursing uniforms! I tease them by purposely spilling a drink on the table and laugh my head off when I see my used-to-be-messy-friend, Soi, obsess about cleanliness. They all turn near OC. 

They love wearing white, it comes with the career field of their choice, but there are those times when they wish, like me, they can dress up in school too and ditch those uniforms they bought at an expensive price from local medical uniform stores. And the sad part is, they were all mandated to wear the same type of shoes! One time, they joked about having custom made scrubs on duty. Who are we kidding? The order should come from a top hospital official. Won't it be weird though to see nurses in bright pink or floral scrubs? I believe colors and designs for medical scrubs are not picked lightly. It may be for functionality, for usability, for designation or for hospital codes. Whatever it is, I am sure it leans less on styling. But if a hospital insists on having them custom made, it will always be for a design that won't compromise any hospital or professional protocol.

Oh, how fortunate it is to have family and friends in the medical field. You get to know basics on the meds you pop, what to do and what nots. And you learn a lot extra along the way too. Whenever I need a quick medication on common problems like the flu, allergies, colds and cough, a nurse is only a text and call away! Convenient, right? 

Having them also makes hospitals less scary. Yes, the familiar smell of disinfectants and medicines still unsettles me after all for me hospitals reek of sickness and death. However, it is important to note that it disturbs me less than before. 

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