Saturday, April 16, 2011

Doing Nothing.

pretty low budget don't you think.
MONKEYS. Five backup guys,
wearing monkey head masks 
the worst music video Bruno Mars came up with

The song is pretty appropriate for the way I spend my days of late. When I'm not in bed reading a novel, I'm STILL in bed munching chips and cookies watching movies and episodes of series I missed out on when a storm of academic and extra-curricular activities took hold of my time. My room is in a state of disarray. Clean laundry kept piling up, bags I used lie on the side of my bed, my table is filled with notes, pens, books and photocopied materials I never bothered stashing away, and my dresser is as disorganized as a mound of clothes in an ukay-ukay store yet I let it be. I know I have to sort things out soon.. in preparation for something big seven months later but I WANT TO ENJOY EVERYTHING; every last bit of being idle for two months.

SUMMER. Summer for me for the last two decades meant random fun, trips to the beach and the cool waters of Timoga spring pools, out of town visits, long stretches of boredom and finally waiting for school to start. It feels utterly weird and surreal that most of these things will be something I will terribly miss soon.. for the next years when I become a member of the workforce! There're no summer break, long holiday breaks, class suspensions, cutting classes and all. NO MORE. Unless I join the academe but we all know I have little or no patience in teaching, so scratch that. 

*sigh* I really am becoming an adult. I think of serious stuff more often. Where do I go after the licensure exam? The line of work I should be in? What I am most passionate about? Gawd. In the meantime, while I still have months to decide on that, there are more movies waiting to be watched. Will be posting more when I get my arse out of bed!


thechyrelgomez said...

you'll get the hang of things. just enjoy the moment. when you get out of school, you want to be in school. :)

enjoy your summer break.

aka Procne said...

I just got out of school; fresh graduate!

that is why I am having this semi-sentimental posts as I look back on things I used to love/hate; makes me miss a lot of things.

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