Wednesday, March 9, 2011

When Mary Met Guido

Okay, it's official. Since Jason Magbanua happened, I have a thing with pre-nuptial videos. Wedding videos too!  Watch one and surely you'll watch another..and another... and another.. by then, you'll end up wanting one of your own when you finally tie the knot. Two words of advice: SAVE UP. Jason Magbanua ain't cheap. You can check his site for the rates.

Somehow, I get tired with the usual how-we-met-and-never-looked-back-along-with-promises-of-forever scenarios. Although sweet from time to time I keep watching out for kooky couples with unconventional prenup and wedding video ideas. One example was Maggie Wilson's. Loved it. Period. And I absolutely loved Tuesday Vargas' wedding video, my favorite in fact.  

Just recently, I found a prenup gem shared and went viral on Facebook. EXTREMELY FUNNY! Had initial doubts of it being actually a prenup video coz it looked like an episode from a comedy sitcom. The hilarity of how they showed their first meeting, fake conflict (who would break up over not wearing socks? really? but we never know) and how they got back together. It stars the couple but here's the downside for those who are non-Visayan speaking coz they speak in the vernacular. No worries, since it has english subtitles.

If like me you still have doubts whether they really are a couple and not actors, you can watch their wedding video by none other than Jason Magbanua.

Her gown was fab! Her entourage, parents and in laws all had stunning gowns, all had intricate designs. I was surprised and curious to see Angel Aquino there too.

PS the hilarious prenup video is not by Jason Magbanua but by DreamLine Productions.


thegreenhairclip said...

aww.. i broke into tears.. :) love shines through anything :)

aka Procne said...

don't you think the prenup is oh so unique?

Hey Garcon said...
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Hey Garcon said...

was laughing the entire time when the prenup vieo was played during the wedding

wella said...

awww..i always get touched and teary eyed over wedding videos.:| gawwdd..

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