Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hot Tea, Make It A Habit

 When I was younger, I never considered ever drinking one after my first try. My grandfather habitually drank one of Lipton's Yellow Label Tea; at that time I could not stomach its smell and taste. He used to say how healthy drinking tea was but I always tell him in reply I won't worry about my health 'til I'm old as he was. He merely shook his head, smiling. He must have thought how clueless I was, innocent and carefree. Kids, you know how they are. I've been there. lecture them on too much salt and sugar intake they'd shrug and say those are for the old. 

Now that I am older and know better, I try to incorporate drinking hot tea before taking my meals. I learned this from my trip in Hongkong. Restaurants there serve hot tea before serving your orders and tea again after. They don't serve cold water unlike the custom here in the Philippines. You have to ask for one. 

I am going to order the benefits according to how useful it is to me. Okay, I'll be honest in saying I have my lapses. I currently prefer coffee/caffeinated drinks and skip tea always. But, I always try to get back to it.
  1. It helps increase your metabolism. I slightly obsess with my weight too. Stressing with school increases my appetite. And the flabs in my arms are hard to ignore already. 
  2. It has less caffeine than coffee. Too much of everything ain't healthy. I try to curb my caffeine intake but not to the extent that I doze off when I still have tons of work to do. Thus, drinking cups and cups is not dangerous unlike a big tumbler of iced coffee. 
  3. Keeps cancer at bay. I know you hear this again and again but it's true. Tea naturally contains antioxidants, polyphenols. Polyphenols have cancer-fighting effects. YES TO LONG LIFE. 
  4. Keeps you young! Age is just a number, yes. But when you look 30 when you're just 25 is annoying! So hold off your age by drinking tea. Notice how the Chinese and Japanese age oh so gracefully? They drink cups and cups every day of their lives since birth. Okay, I am exaggerating but it's part of their culture meaning they start young, really young drinking tea.
  5. Good for the skin. The best accessory you wear is the skin you're in. Better take extra care of it. Cells renew slower with age. Yes, applying creams helps but it has greater impact when you fix it at source.
  6. Reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. Heart attack is one of the top causes of death in the Philippines. Some of my family members, including my Mom, suffers from hypertension. I know I'll get there but I want to delay it or hold it with proper diet, exercise and TEA!
  7. Whitens teeth. This I have yet to prove. Studies say though. Won't argue with that.
  8. Stronger bones. Along with drinking milk, this protects you from osteoporosis!
  9. Fights allergies. I developed an allergic reaction to eggplant, dried fish and bagoong during high school. It's good to know it'd help battle against my allergies.
  10. Fights off Flu. I hate having one so if it helps me from getting cough and colds and getting all weak, I'm all for it!
Sighs.. I didn't know my flabby arms can push me to watch what I eat and drink. On a recent dinner with family, I ordered pineapple juice instead of the usual coke. I even try keeping away from sugary treats! Having a diabetic at home, seeing them not eating what they want, and how strict their diet is just because they ate too much sugar in their younger days makes you think twice! Damn. I saw these Calcet Creamy Bites they look yum but don't lack on health benefits. Good for the bones..  

Now lemme make myself a cup of Lipton's Green Tea. Damn, I used to hate its smell and taste; I realize it is in fact good. I should really really make this into a habit and not just a one-week or one-month stint. AND I SHOULD HIT THE GYM soon. My Mom's a member of one already, I probably should enroll, asap. 

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