Saturday, March 5, 2011

March 3rd.

The birthday celebrant who had no idea what was in store for her that day

 Surprises. Old school, but heartwarming.
It never grows old. I believe, it's not the expensive gifts
It's the thought, the heart, and the sincerity wrapped on the package
And the happiest picture is one with you smiling brightly
Over a cake or it may be a simple cupcake surrounded by family and friends.
It feels great too to have made someone happy on their day!
Methinks, our Dunkin Donuts was more creative. LOL
The bigger choco-filled donuts sucked. Didn't live up the hype.
Think bigger donut, but still equal amounts of chocolate filling from its predecessor.
But the donuts from the other branch (CDO) had more chocolate filling. 
Forever a fan of street food.
Kwek-kwek and Tempura swimming in spicy, tasty hot sauce!
Kwek-Kwek is just chicken egg coated with orange-colored flour.
Thanks for the treat Norka! HAPPY 21st!

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wow tempura!!! that looks sooooooo yummy dear!! <3

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