Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Popular Graduation Song

Business proposal + Major exams + Defense = BUSY, BUSY, BUSY! They say you never went to college if you haven't tried pulling all nighters at least a week before finals. Yep. Been working late. Barely slept 2 hours prior to a business presentation and defense. It was crazy!

What's left are little tidbits we need to take care of before we can officially say, it's over and done with! The week before graduation is surreal and full of emotional highs and lows.. and expect a loooot of reminiscing even those dating back to high school!

I'm looking forward to rehearsals! I'm looking forward to moviethons, getting back to writing (a lot of posts to write coz I want to write them all to backread in the future!) and most of all ready to don the maroon gown and sing TODAY MY LIFE BEGINS by no less than my favorite R&B singer, Bruno Mars! I love how meaningful the song is.. TAGOS SA PUSO! very appropriate for us graduates. I reckon it is the most popular graduation song in the Philippines.. I dunno in other parts of the world but it is the most popular in my country now. Almost all schools in my city used this as their graduation song too.

I will break these chains that bind me
Happiness will find me...


Liya said...

u are right this song is spot on!
perfect for grad , we used to play vitamin c Friends Forever ,im sick of it haha <3

Anonymous said...

Now I have a good song to put on our Senior slideshow!!!! :) Thanks a bundle!!! Im sick and tired of the Vitamin C Graduation song. It has been use so many times at my .

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