Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pizzas, Hot Sauce, and Friends.

This post brought to you by TABASCO® Original Red. All opinions are 100% mine.
Whenever I'm out with friends, we usually talk over food! We may never agree on having pasta and salad, but we always agree on one thing, a huge huge pizza. Most of my friends prefer their pizzas spicy. I, included. I don't know but whenever my pizza has that spicy bit, it's perfect. The pizza joint we go to makes sure they put TABASCO® Original Red  because as regulars, they know we want no other sauce on our pizzas.
The sauce is not only good with pizza. Try experimenting it with a hawaiian burger, scrambled eggs or sunny side up, mac and cheese (seriously, really good) and on your garden salad to add a spicy kick on it. You see, spices are appetizers it makes you crave for more and the food tastes extra special. But when other sauces add a 'magic ingredient' to theirs, only enhances the natural taste of your food. No suspicious flavoring involved. Just a simple combination of salt, red pepper and vinegar perfected in a 3 year aging process. I was surprised to know the sauce my friends and I use on our pizzas took 3 years for it to be this good. That is one commitment to product quality.
Actually, there are a lot of recipes you can pair it with, but I'm no cook. In fact, the kitchen is the last place you'll see me at home except on those trips to the fridge for zip-locked food prepared by Mom. So, if you're a fan like me and knows how to seriously cook food, check out Game-Day Party Menu. And oh, I found this Pizza Perfected. Instead of wallowing over the boredom awaiting V-day, methinks we're having this pizza cook out party for us girls. Yeeeaaaah. But, I won't get myself involved with the cooking though lest I ruin it. It'll be fun. Like who says V-day's only for couples. Don't wallow and spend it with friends!


thegreenhairclip said...

nakakagutom!!! :)

isp101 said...

Grabeng pizza yan, higante, parang mas malaki pa sa monsters or 3M's pizza! Where did you order the pizza?! YUMMY!!! =P

aka Procne said...

It's from this local pizza joint called Calda's Pizza. Dunno if there's a branch in Manila, but I heard there's one in Cebu.

It's huuuge. great for groups.

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