Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Cheesy Post-Valentine Thing.

My Valentine's week this year was the sweetest, I had a blast. My day started right. I cheerfully woke up to a bright morning, singing Bruno Mars' Count On Me while bathing. I just knew, the day will be epic. I just don't why and how. I just knew. The university's gate had stalls selling roses, hearts on sticks, cards all came withe a free delivery package within the campus. I stopped at my tracks to browse, looking gaily like an awestruck love fool. But, what they don't know is, I'm single. Yet there I was brightly smiling. Just so I feel blessed and loved by my family and friends.

I sat in class eager for my dinner with Camay. I haven't seen her a while. I was excited to meet up, talk and laugh like old times. When I came back for afternoon class, I saw all the girls holding a single rose. Apparently, all the boys conspired to offer roses to every girl to the tune of Kahit Maputi na ang Buhok Ko and a few other songs. TOO BAD I CAME IN LATE THE USUAL. I MISSED IT. So after class, we all begged for a repeat! Glad they did. So we all returned the roses so they can offer it back and sing for us again. Oh boys. We all love you. We were so touched. All of you were all very thoughtful of your single girl friends. You all completed our day. Our last Valentine's day in college was truly memorable! You all gave us something to look back and smile about. 
they were so cute. handing one rose at a time to everyone.Very heartwarming.
Couples. Hugs. Teasing. KILIIIIIIG!

We're not going to let this be and not do anything in return. We sang impromptu and added a little touch, short messages. 

After, I hurriedly met up with Camay and Anya in church for our dinner date! All the restos were packed! Even cafes and coffee shops. But I'm never allowing myself to stand in some corner and wait for a table. No, not me. I suggested we head away from the city central to a cozy restaurant which serves one of the yummiest grilled chicken in the city, Paeng's. Some of their meals comes with unlimited rice too! Just perfect. We then had our dessert at Zoey's Cafe, my favorite in town. Good thing I knew the manager, coz we immediately snagged ourselves a table for three and ordered Naya's Sin. I'm sp not ending the night without a chocolate goody. 
Certainly looks appetizing. Don't be fooled. It ain't anything special.
Anya and I thought it was overhyped. I'm never ordering this again.
I'm a chocolate fan, and this did not pass my standards. 

Dinner with Anya and Camay was fun. But the night does not end for me yet coz we have a college Valentine Evening Socials. And I'm up to dancing the night away on the dancefloor. I was pleased to see Balt (name's Hussein but I'm used to calling him by his surname though)! It's been long since I saw him.

Oh, boy. We all had a great time with the band. Everyone basically let out: singing loudly along, jumping to the music, and fooling around with the band. Gosh. I really really really had a good time. 

On the way home, I thought of how contented I was that day. I thought of my family, my bestfriends, my closest friends and my college colleagues. I felt lucky and blessed. When I think of my college buddies, how we've gone far since freshman year, I suddenly felt a sudden closeness. Right then, I whispered a prayer for all of us, for our lives ahead, and most especially for our friendship.

I know, there are other college colleagues that I only have been close with on my last leg of years in college. Even though that's the case, college won't be as fun without them. Of course, I am most grateful to those I spent most of my time with, you know who you are.

Lunch, going home, sitting idly in the lounge talking and laughing, endless trips to the canteen (yep, I'm a pig!), worrying on quizzes, specializing in the field of cramming, working on projects, gossip, people-watching, copying movies, catching up on the latest of the series, most recently MARA CLARA, being childish, petty fights and arguments, making up afterwards, spontaneous dining out, teasing..everything.. All these.. All these are so much a part of my college years.

I hope I made a mark on your lives the way you all have on mine. 

To my previous Block 55 and now, my other family, AVANZA.. LET'S ROCK THE REMAINING MONTHS OF COLLEGE AND LEAVE WITH A BANG! 


Loleigh said...

agreed!...something wonderful to look back and smile about. ♥

cheezy, K! said...

LIKE! <3

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