Friday, January 28, 2011

Movie Review: Once in Bangkok Traffic

Attended one class in the morning and basically spent the whole afternoon lazing around in bed. Days like this is rare thus I took the most out of it by doing what I enjoy the most: watching movies!

Watched Once, a popular Sundance film my best friend recommended years ago and Bangkok Traffic Love Story, a Thai romantic comedy. 

Let's start with Bangkok Traffic Love Story. If not for Crazy Little Thing Called Love aka First Love, I won't chance upon the movie on Youtube. 

It talks of a 30-year-old bachelorette who's NBSB (no boyfriend since birth). She gets lonely as her best friend marries while she's left eating lunch alone at work. She takes matter at her hands to make the first move and find herself a boyfriend finally. Mr. Night-Shift-Hot-Sporting-Aviator guy conveniently enters the picture. And the hilarious chase begins.

Overall, it was pretty entertaining and surprisingly less on mushy romcom antics. The heroine learns not to rush love and that everything has its own time. With women, being beyond 25 raises the spinster warning alarm but it does not mean we should jump at any guy we meet. DO NOT SETTLE FOR ANYONE ELSE. Some man will come and sweep you off your feet! All the waiting will be worth it. 
'Please let me understand what it is to love and be loved'...

Next up was Once. I SUPER LOVED IT. The beauty of it left me speechless. I'm having goosebumps as I write. Once is a work of art. It proves one need not millions of dollars to produce such a beautiful, beautiful movie. It was simplicity at its best. It was both real and surreal. Its sincerity will slowly creep on you and will keep you enchanted throughout its run.
If it's possible to be blindsided by simplicity, a light touch, Once does it. --John Nein
 Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova are musicians in real life. Fitting as the heart and soul of the film is their musical bond. The unnamed girl helps the guy make his demo in the hopes of landing a lucrative contract in London. In the process of making art, they get to know each other, slowly and eventually falling in love. Their songs spoke volumes (of which both artists composed themselves for the film) of their life stories. The man, abandoned by his lady love trying to win her over. The woman, separated from her much older Czech husband, did odd day jobs and took care of her daughter and mother at night. 
I don't know you but I want you
All the more for that 

Love was realistically presented. No over-the-top gestures of affections. No excessive crying and complications. Just simply stated that man is stuck with an old flame, woman has a husband, a daughter and a mother to think of. Many prefer to have the archaic eternal love, working it out against odds, I mean, that's what we go to movies for right? Suspending disbelief. But, in this bittersweet movie, it's presented as what would have happened realistically given the circumstances. It was wonderfully presented, I cannot think of other ways to end it.
 When you reached down to take my hand
And if you have something to say
Say it to me now....

How often times do you meet the right person? At the right time? Would you have left everything, give up everything you cared for to follow him? It takes great courage to do that. But really, will you? What if you're wrong? What if what you have now, what you lost, deserves a second chance? What if what you're feeling now is only adoration misinterpreted by your loneliness in vast proportions as you look for solace and consolation? I think, if the characters were real, they made the right decisions.

 Man: So do you love him?
Woman: (answers in Czech) No, I love you..
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AVA T.♥ said...

you can seriously be a movie critique!

aka Procne said...

Wow thanks! ;p I think everyone can, as long as they mean what they say.

thegreenhairclip said...

i agree with Ava! :) and these movies are interesting. I will look for copies of those 3 films. :)

JHOANA said...

I think those are lovely films.. I wanna watch those too! thanks sis!

aka Procne said...

it's all on youtube. with Once, I DLed a torrent.

@Jhoana. welcome. it'll be worth your while

lucas said...
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lucas said...

Once is the most musically delectable film I've seen in years. And the soundtrack's super eargasmic! It's on loop on my mp3 for weeks. Glen Hansard is a mad artist, I tell you. Independent films really capture that sense of raw reality, don't they? :)

By the way, i found a DVDrip copy of First Love:

drop by the post to see the dl link for the eng sub. :)

You're blog is really cool. Peace out.

aka Procne said...

Your comment just made my day.

Torrent link+compliment!

Yeah, I love indie movies. Since I started watching them, I become more picky with the movies I watch. I tend to veer away from highly promoted flicks, most of the time I just get disappointed.

Kumiko Mae said...

Now I'm intrigued :D Thank you for your comment. To answer, yes I do love the products. And there's actually a reason why I've been around so much human heart nature products lately.. but can't reveal yet :D

i love the advocacy

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