Friday, January 28, 2011

19th ARC Day 1: Travel, Hunger and Street Party!

We started our journey with a few glitches. Misunderstanding with the bus company pissing everyone off as we crammed in a 58-seater non-aircon bus! Bukidnon is yet way, way far off. With the bus' condition and fears of overloading, I whispered a silent prayer as the its engine roared on winding, uphill roads. I shudder by the window seat at the sight of heights. The picturesque view of mountainous green didn't fight off the nausea.
By the time, we arrived we were famished! No cafes, no restaurants only eateries in their market. I forgot being maarte and wasted no time placing orders. Prices were cheap, food was okay and hunger was sated. 
our room. rearranged! lol
The host school, Central Mindanao University, provided free transport for our hotel, New Royal Hotel in Valencia, Bukidnon, a 15-minute ride from the university. The city shows a laid back, provincial life. Narrow roads having motorcycles and multi-cabs as main modes of transportation. No tall buildings, only four-storey ones. The hotel was quaint. I'm guessing it was previously a residence turned into a hotel. The owner was very accommodating, helpful and friendly. He was very caring of his guests. Rooms were furnished with all the necessities a traveler would need. Each has big beds, small sala set (yep), cable tv, airconditioned rooms, and bathroom. The hotel was enough to house every delegate coming from our school. To our delight, we have all the place for ourselves. The hotel was situated at heart of the city; we were near convenience stores, fast food joints, and bakeries. We need not worry about getting hungry in the middle of the night! Food is a few steps away. 
trying to mask our dismay. Nimai and I. in action.
 Me and my good friend, Nimai were hosts for the night of the Street Party. The audience were unresponsive. Our energies were on the roof while theirs remained so-so. It was frustrating. I was like, What? Is it me? Have I not delivered enough? Not prepared enough?! THIS IS A FRIGGIN' STREET PARTY. This was not what I signed up for. I expected spirited participants yelling school cheers and dancing to the beat. But, nada. NADA! 

My partner expressed the same sentiments, but thankfully, it somehow turned around at the later part of the program. Audience sitting on the bleachers went down to rock it out with the bands! Later we found out, it had something to do with audio. People were at a loss of what we were saying onstage. Haha. Kaya palaaaaaa.

01 Dance craze entry (MSUIIT)
02 MSUIIT band with Decode
03 The crowd
04 Batchmates showing support! 

The disco part was sadly cut off. Hence, we resorted to what we do best: posing for the camera! 

Though the disco part was a buzz kill, we still had fun. 'Twas a good start for the ARC events. We couldn't wait for tomorrow!

Of course, I won't end this post without an outfit post. The theme was street wear. I am not so sure this conveys the theme but one thing's certain, I CANNOT ROCK street fashion. So I opted for this look instead. 
blazer, thrifted.
striped sleeveless top, random boutique
open toe leggings, Gmall
bag, Marc Jacobs
black and white heels, boutique

I half-expected a street party til the wee hours of the morning but I think it was for the best; to have a good night's sleep in preparation for tomorrow's events. So we went home aboard the multi-cab, happily exhausted, cold breeze softly caressing my face, and listening to an upbeat track, Rocketeer by the Far East Movement while silently watching my classmates break into peals of laughter over something I didn't get.
Norka, the official photographer! THANK YOU for the outfit shots!
heading to the hotel. raucous as ever.


welladaynne said...

Wow. Nag-attend pala kayo.:) I bet you had a great time. I missed this kind of events.

aka Procne said...

Yeah. We had. 'Twas best awards night I attended so far.

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