Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hosting Gig.

Just when I was getting ready to fight through a week of acad torture, exams and quizzes were postponed for next week. Add to that a cold and breezy afternoons conducive to sleeping in the whole day, hot choco, bread generously slathered with Nutella and movies! Ah, sweet, sweet life.
Last weekend, I was in Bukidnon to attend our org's 19th JPIA Annual Regional Convention (ARC). This year's host school was Central Mindanao University in Musuan, Bukidnon. Being situated in mountainous Bukidnon, the weather was awesome! When we were there, the weather was just fine. Not too chilly, not too hot. The kind of weather fit for a leisure walk. I have never been in one huge, huge campus. They have wide grounds with manicured lawns, tall trees (some pine trees too), and basically greens everywhere I look. It was reminiscent of Baguio! So, so much like Baguio sans the cold, cold weather. 

Our designated hotel was in Valencia city, a 15-minute multicab ride. Freaked me out more than once. Trust me, you won't ride one if you have a choice. Riding on it alongside ten wheeler trucks will send you praying for safety in seconds. BUT, BUT, BUT. 'twas all compensate with all the thrift finds I bought for Php 5 apiece! That's right. Php 5! If only my travel bag was bigger and could accommodate more I would've bought a few bags worth of clothes. And prices of other goods were pretty cheap too. Like, really cheap.

So anyway, the ARC was memorable for me since it was my very first time to attend one for FREE! In exchange for hosting the Street Party and Awards Night, the region will shoulder the registration fee, accommodations and travel fare! YOSH! Of course, I was thrilled and felt lucky for the freebie I almost grabbed it right away.

I was also meaning to make an outfit post for ARC but I am still waiting for the pictures from Nimai (I rarely used mine) so more on that next. 

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