Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Pilipinas, You'll Be Fine.

BER months spark excitement to every Filipino. My country celebrates the longest Christmas season there is in the whole world. Malls will display a wide array of Christmas decors anticipating an influx of eager housewives itching to hang those ornaments and lights that never fail to boost one's spirits. This is what I love most about here at home. Filipinos are merry people. A 'major major' problem may befall them today but you see them tomorrow with a youthful smile hoping for better luck. Perhaps, that is the main reason why our Ms. Universe candidate, Venus Raj, failed to channel the true essence of her answer. I believe she was trying to impart, albeit the improper way of delivering it, to the whole world that Filipinos do not etch failures deep in their hearts. It is within our nature to lick our wounds, carry on with our lives and live in such a way wherein we do not make the same mistake or act towards making the same mistake over again.

Hence, amidst international bashing and criticisms from all over the world on the hostage incident, I am hopeful that my nation will get back on her feet. I am ashamed to admit that at first I was relentlessly pointing my fingers on the media, the incompetence of our police force and the government. But this hate towards the authorities is two way. I am part of those grossly sensationalizing the whole issue. It did not help hating our own when we should have kept mum, humbly accepted the circumstances and helped the government get back on its feet. By helping I mean, not spreading irresponsible pictures on facebook or on any social networking sites, mocking the police force, the President and the government. When we mock them, we mock ourselves.. we mock our Mother nation.. we mock the lives sacrificed to free our country from invaders. 

The international mayhem and large scale repercussions put a strain in our diplomatic relations with China and our booming tourism which is a source of livelihood of thousands and thousands of our fellowmen. BUT WE WILL GET BACK ON OUR FEET. This is a lesson learned. Let us move together to better this country. 

Stand proud and tall to prove that Mr. Mendoza is an isolated case. Nothing more.


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ching said...

yep2. we will get back on our feet.
everyone has to learn from this event.

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