Saturday, August 7, 2010

Not Another Korean Remake

Why oh why? Why a korean remake of It Started With A Kiss? I super loved that series. It's in my top favorites list!!! The list that contains dramas I occasionally watch over and over again. Why???

Haven't we learned from previous remakes? Highly commercialized, bad casting and bad acting? Okay. So Boys Over Flowers is an exception. We all know how phenomenal it was. The thing is, Lee Min Ho CAN ACT. Whereas Kim Hyun Joong (the lead actor of ISWAK korean version), as my best friend puts it, cannot act to save his life. Let's say he is a bit appropriate for the role. What with his poker face he constantly wears around and the air of indifference. But that's exactly the issue here. All he knows is the poker face act. His character in this drama is not all about poker face all the time. ISWAK fans will agree on this. Ugh. I just hate this. Another highly commercialized drama remake. I'd know. It comes from the same company behind Boys Over Flowers.

Then again, I'm pretty sure I'll watch the drama anyway... out of curiosity. My best friend and I hope we'll be pleasantly surprised instead getting sorely disappointed.

It's not a competition.. but I doubt this pair can at least deliver the onscreen appeal of Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin. Their team up worked wonders. No. It's not just about them, it's the whole cast. Why else would fans strongly demand 2nd season and.. a 3rd season.

I pray they casted the right people for each role. ISWAK had long, long episodes but it as far from a dragging drama. Each episode was super fun. It's not just Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng. As I've said, each character played by the cast came to life and became real which was the main reason why, fans like me, OVERREACT OVER A KOREAN REMAKE! 


Belle said...

Is this for real??? NO IT CANT BE. THEY CANT DO THIS TO ME!!! OH PLEASE. ISWAK IS MY FAVORITE SERIES OF ALL TIME. LET ME REPEAT THAT, OF ALL TIME! And I don't want any remakes. Don't want to watch. I will be forever LOYAL TO ARIEL AND JOE. FOREVER!!!!!

LOL. Sorry for the CAPSLOCK. Im just shock about this news. Ugh!

aka Procne said...

I KNOW RIGHT!!! I COULD NOT AGREE MORE!!! ISWAK was already the best..

Yes, unfortunately its true. Visit Popseoul and Allkpop sites. I got the news from them.. Tsk. It will show on September 1st already.

flipt said...

i've only seen the anime. the title was "itazura na kiss". i love it! :D :D :D

gikilig ko gatan-aw (it took a lot of guts for me to say that).

AVA T. said...

I don't watch much of korean or japanese dramas, but yes, I don't really like it when they try to remake it. Quite odd. :|

I have yet to familiarize myself with ISWAK and boys over flowers ;) will work on that! hehe

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