Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Avanza On Tour.

Educational Trip: A legal yet obvious excuse used by students to get away from school a bit; escape the confines of the four walls of a classroom. They say, its ultimate purpose is to widen our horizon, see prospective career paths and application of all the theory we got it school. Well, yeeeees. But we all know, we're in for the fun! 

This time, we all went to Cebu. And boy, was it fun! I had so much fun, our three-day stay ended too quick. I've been to the city a couple of times before. I was familiar with the streets, the shopping malls, and some of the tourist spots. Being with friends, I am seeing the city in a whole new light. It felt like 'twas my first time. 

A conundrum of thoughts flood my mind as we navigate the roads aboard our private bus. I got EMO at some point. I cannot help but realize, college is ending soon. The feeling was bittersweet. The impending idea of separation from the faces you see everyday for five years and the sweet excitement of getting out there making my first step in the world as a yuppie (young professional) feels rather weird and uneasy. I cannot put the appropriate word for it.

In two days, its back to reality. Back to quizzes and exams. 

ACADEMIC STRESS, I re-welcome you! Lock and load! 

PS. dearest self (and visitors), you are busy at sept. 1 of 2010, and you try to convince yourself out of blogging more. Next post will be a photoblog. That is, IF you don't get lazy... ;p


ching said...

field trips are the best!

flipt said...

heeeeeey! i saw some of your classmates in ayala during your trip here in cebu! i didn't know you were with them. and of all people to run into, it had to be that girl rachel! i don't like her. are u friends with her? X_X

aka Procne said...

Oh noes. We're not friends. Haha And no, what you saw were Marketing students. I was with the Econ and Accountancy group. We were in Cebu a week after them..

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