Sunday, June 13, 2010

Midway Beach Resort

The two-month long review was tiring, stressful, nerve-wracking and most of all, snatched me of my vacation. As soon as everything was done and over with, I wasted no second in catching up with lost time. I stared mournfully at the calendar, only a week left until the official start of classes. Oh well. Better do what I can with what's left.

Let's start with heading to the beach, shall we? After all, what is summer without a retreat to the beach, right? It's a given already.


The original plan was to depart at 8:30 am from south bound terminal. Meeting time was at 7-8:30am. We departed at 10am. Almost pissed me because I was hoping we'd be there earlier.

In going there, one can choose between taking the jeepney or bus. We were a big group and it was cheaper to hire a jeepney for ourselves and split the fare afterward. I paid Php 30. Bus fares cost as much per head but jeepneys has their advantages, they can take you inside the resort while buses don't meaning you have to hand carry your things.


Entrance fee costs Php 10 and tables range from Php150 - 300. You pay an extra Php 150 if you use the electrical outlet for charging phones and plugging in your stereo system for ambient music of your choice.

You should bring your own food. You may ask, why not dine at the resort's premises. I cannot say if there was since I saw none, apart from stores selling necessities, chips and drinks. Although there are restaurants outside the resort, eating by the beach feels a whole lot different. In spite of the tables and chairs around us, my girl friends and I, chose to plop on the sand and munched our food with bare hands! Yum, yum.

After we had our fill, we explored the resort. We frolicked under the scorching sun on the outstretched white sand while taking pictures in between. For others there, it was their last leg for summer, for us it was the start, making it all the more refreshing seeing everyone having a great time... celebrating life.

Want to zipline with the blue skies as your background and pristine waters beneath you? Try it at a cost of Php150. But who are we kidding? At such a short distance? What's the point? Didn't buy it. I'd rather ride their jet skis. The bigger ones will cost a Php3,500 an hour and the smaller ones at Php2,500. Unfortunately, a student and unemployed, my pocket was crying out in protest. Some other time, maybe.

We never felt the need to jet ski. We had loads of fun on shore. WE HAD GAMES. I loved the games Cielo prepared. We never get tired of obstacle races. We just never do. I could swear the adjacent cottages in our area envied every bit of it.

Midway Beach Resort boasts rich corals. A glass boat ride allows you to see them if you have no plans of getting wet. There were corals alright, big big ones. It puzzles me however how little of picturesque fishes I saw. The clown fish aka Nemo was nowhere, a disappointing fact. I was half-expecting to see a lot of his variety, the way I did at Duka Bay Resort.

In my opinion, the boat ride was far from smooth. The waves kept on rocking us causing me to squeal in panic. My friends broke into peals of laughter. We reached shore 20 minutes after.

A few friends were already in the water playing with the aqua bike. We hurriedly jumped off the boat, changed clothes for swimming and joined in! The water was too salty. I mean, really. A few laps was all I needed before heading home, earlier than everyone else. But, we watched the sunset first; it was perfect way to end such a beautiful day.

Oh summer, sweet summer. I wish I had more of you.

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