Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I'm Not Your Babe, Alejandro!

Lady Gaga's video for Alejandro is finally out. Another visual feast. As expected from the creative artist - crazy ass theme, outlandish outfit, GAY NAZI's (go figure!), superb makeup, and a video like no other.

Mix ups reviews keep sprouting everywhere. One calls her satanic, some said its dark and ugly while others asked her to go back being sexy and crazy. Controversy seems to tail around Gaga's music scene every time, all the more reason to watch out for her.

Alejandro's music video is distinct from all the others. Wait, every video is different. Proving my point on how creative this artist is, incomparable to others. She reminds me of the late Michael Jackson who made history in making stunning videos. In fact Lady Gaga is so influential as to induce others to follow suit. Miley Cyrus tried it, even Christima Aguilera. Darn! I cringed at how fake they looked!


chingching said...

i like the marching nazis. haha
the nun swallowing a rosary part was just wrong..

aka Procne said...

hardcore catholics would call this satanic. I know. I cringed at that too.

Hussein said...

no wonder why they call it satanic. the gay nazis as you call it are sons of *******. hehehe

anyway, Lady Gaga as usual is a superb in this video. I always have this interest in watching her vids.

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