Sunday, June 13, 2010

Madonna's Raw LV Promotional Photos

Why hide her age when the whole world knows? We know magazines are deceptive, grossly promoting perfection to unbelievable levels driving its followers to obsess on their faces, figures, and everything. But these pictures are just wrong. Grandma Madonna.

Personally, I think she still looks graceful for her age. What makes her ridiculous is her infamous chase to ageless beauty. Botox her and there. Photoshop. Woman, please, embrace your age. You look good still. Really.

I laughed at Dara's comment over LV's skyrocket prices. A big chunk of the money goes to retouching pictures.



(photos via BryanBoy)


LOLanne said...

lol saw this through Bryanboy's blog too.

at least nowadays they actually admit to being retouched ;)


Pop Champagne said...

Madonna looks hot for her age, but she needs to stop with her music career I think, her new songs aren't very good compare to her old ones! Regardless I do like her modeling for LV :D

Michael said...

Wow she looks beautiful on the magazines spread, but on the before and after I don't see any difference on the two lol.

Anonymous said...

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