Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Joyous, joyous week!

I nearly sulked when I found out I couldn't be with my family to celebrate Mom's birthday in Manila. Tickets were all booked then.

The house was left all to myself and our house help. BUT Friends kept me company! Sleepovers and movie marathons helped alleviate the deafening silence. Weren't as lonely as I expected. Had fun! Lots and lots of ME time and catching up.

As soon as I heard the familiar murmur of my Dad's car in the garage, I excitedly went downstairs and greeted them. How I missed them so. Mom bought me lots of goodies. And they sure looked exhausted and happy from the trip.. And these pictures confirmed it. Bah! Wish I was with them. Still had that kid in me, you know? Manila zoo. MOA. Lounging in the hotel and taking advantage of heavenly food in A BUFFET! Yum.

Nevertheless, I'm glad to see them all happy. Mom especially. Great birthday week.

Paul was at his element.
Animals keep him excited.
Nearly as overwhelmed as he was at Ocean Park, HK.

Paul wasn't the only one toying with the animals..

After church, we had a quiet dinner at Enang's for a seafood fix.
Stayed a bit and went home. Dad had an appointment.

Lounging at Fontina's.
And eventually.. DINNER.

Mom and closest friend, Tita Lelany.

With the rest of Mom's friends.
All are policemen. Safe and out of place.
Still had fun though and food was great.
Despite it being on their soft Opening.


Barely a week 'til THE DAY. And so, the seniors were all at school for a string of graduation practices. And while waiting.. we toyed with the camera. As always..

Like seriously? Never seen a man had his eyebrows..TATTOOED!
I was just, uhm.. whatever. LOLed!
But Sir is but funny and made the practice bearable.
He knew we were all impatient to dash and go!
Nice new EYEBROWS Sir! That's individuality!

After grad practice, going straight home felt wrong. Off to the mall we went. Spent about ten minutes deciding where to eat. And ended up at Jollibee.

Fun week. Food trip, food trip. In two consecutive days. Must shed them off before May. You never know when you're heading to the beach!

ps click photos for larger images.

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