Friday, March 19, 2010

A Time For One's Self! Finally.

im as thrilled as they are!

Idly surfing the net without an exam or a requirement minutes later feels refreshing. Two manic months ago, the uncertainty that hovered around graduation was too immense for an average Jane like me to handle. But as what my father says everyday to encourage his daughter's downtrodden spirit, 'There's nothing difficult a learned person can't handle' to which my mother adds brightly, 'Cross the bridge when you get there. In the meantime, do your best and God will do the rest. Have faith in yourself. Shame on you for having such an outlook in life. They're just grades you know.' I feel so fortunate to be in this family. The support system I have can get me through any turbulent semester.

ALMOST EVERYTHING's OKAY NOW. More than what we expected to get from our Finance and Audit. At least in my case. But most were on the same page as I was. Our professor's email took us in a high. Aaaah, the taste of sweet success! It gets sweeter and sweeter as we approach the ultimate challenge we have to face yet on May. THE qualifying exams. But wait, I'm not gonna spoil my mood talking about it, YET. Maybe on succeeding posts prior to my looming SOCIAL DEATH online. Yep. REVIEW = SOCIAL DEATH ONLINE.


Hence, prior to my temporary leave of absence from blogosphere, facebook, hollywood pages, Kpop pages, mysoju and the list goes on and on.. (seriously, when do i keep doing these leave of absences? sheesh) I'll be on SUPERDUPER posting for a few days (if i get a hang of things). So expect a lot of posts in a single day.

Lemme simplify my life by doing a to-do list.

  1. Watch all the movies I have downloaded for the past few months. They're using up the laptop's hard drive and don't let it waste again for another two months.
  2. Clean THE room. Rearrange. ORGANIZE. Make it conducive for power studying. (note to self: it is urgent. must be done before REVIEW!)
  3. Read at least one novel. I keep on buying books but don't read them. Not much time on my hands you know.
  4. Hang out with Bff's.
  5. Shop at thrift stores. Rummage for great vintage finds.
  6. Insist on that ZIP LINE adventure at Manolo Fortich. You deserve it, now that I cannot go with folks and bro to Manila.
  7. Clean some areas at home. Try my hand on designing (I wish). Clean the fridge especially.
  8. Sleep EARLY for a week. Like before 1 am. Eight hours or even ten hours of sleep everyday. I won't get much sleep in two weeks time.
  9. Update iPOD. Do some serious downloading of new songs. Indie, alternative and especially Jazzy blues. It helps with creating a good mood for those late nights SOON.
  10. Spend ideal time with FAMILY and relatives.
I got a lot of catching up to do. I start with my ME time with hanging out with a few friends here at home. I just received an sms from them saying they're gonna gatecrash and I can do nothing about it. Perfect! I was planning to start on the movies in a few.

I'll end my post with a music video by Tae Yang, member of the popular boy band BIG BANG. As much as I want to profile him, I just can't now. But THIS SONG has been playing in my head for quite some time now.

Loved how it was showcased. Great song and lyrics. And how adorably well the singer Tae Yang, portrayed the role of a man in pain, giving away a woman he loves. I know, it's so cliche. Saying words that are too late. Nevertheless, this video's worth seeing.

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