Monday, March 15, 2010

Money Wasted On Clottey!

Joshua Clottey was too busy defending himself. At first, I thought it was part of his strategy to tire Pacquiao and reserve his punches towards the end of the fight. But NO. We were ALL sorely disappointed. It surely is the most frustrating and painfully boring fight I have ever seen. Clottey perhaps was hired to JUST break the record. All the challengers preceding him were all KO-ed! Was it part of his gameplan then? To merely withstand the 12 rounds, standing tall? You hear his trainer at the end of each round telling him to take chances and to throw some combinations. But it fell on deaf ears. As he continued to hide. I bet one could count the punches he thrown the entire fight.

Manny Pacquaio was eager to please his fans, wanted to KO Clottey ASAP. But how could he? Clottey's constantly on defense! Hiding like a baby turtle in his shell. Such a waste of money.

throw some PUNCHES! Come On!
the funniest part of the fight.
Pacquiao must have been so frustrated!
ho wasn't?

Pacquiao is too much for Clottey. I believe he was overwhelmed. Pacquiao's out of his league. Cotto took him down. And MANNY PACQUIAO KO-ed COTTO in a few rounds. If Clottey put up a decent fight last Saturday, I'm sure Pacquiao won't need a third or a second round even to end the fight.

Clottey's as cocky as Hatton. But Hatton's better than him. At least, he gave a decent fight and gave us our money's worth. Pay per view ain't cheap you know.

Nevertheless, ANOTHER VICTORY TO ALL FILIPINOS in the whole world! 'Til the next fight!

PS. Clottey and AKON.
What a resemblance.
They could be brothers.
Whaa. separated at birth? LOL
Just some random thought.


Kcaiyah D. said...

yeah. they really look the same.

aka Procne said...

What's funny was.. he entered the ring like an rnb star. Danced a bit. or it appeared so.

Ellen Mae said...

true.. such a waste of pay per view. it was one of Pacquiao's most boring fights..

at least nung si barrera na hindi matumba tumba, si pacquiao naman ang kawawa ang mukha.. tsk.

Sush said...

hmm didnt get to watch the fight. Heard it on the radio haha im kinda glad i didnt head out to watch it elsewhere

aka Procne said...

Good for you. Manny was at his best, pulling off combinations. Clottey was whatever. But we have to give it to the guy, he's tough. 12 rounds. If as much of a left punch landed square on his face, I swear he'd be KO-ed by Manny then.

@Ellen: Cheers to that!SAYANG lang. Pero okay pa rin. Hindi rin ako mapakali kung hindi kami nagPPV nang pamilya ko.

chingching said...

i like Clottey's south african accent. :D

lucas said...

i didn't watch the fight... because I knew Paquiao would win. Apparently, Clottey wasn't prepared at all. This was all a rush. Mayweather wouldn't fight Paquiao so they took Clottey to blow off some steam I guess. Haha!

LhanLhan said...

i think it was more entertaining if he dance na lang and manny would play guitar and sing!

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