Friday, March 19, 2010

Blurry, On Some Occasions.

'Read your book with a good lighting, never with a dim light. It'll strain your eyes. And stop watching too much TV. Have your eyes rest for awhile. You're no superhuman.'

Those were the words of my Mom and Auntie. And I let it pass. I was young. I AM young and relied on my good genes. Our line have good eyesight. Or so I thought.

The abuse I constantly have my eyes go through is taking its toll already.

I had to squint on few occasions to read the numbers on the board. This alarmed me. I DON'T NEED eyeglasses . They're bothersome. A friend told me I should consult a doctor and not wait until it get worse. She said, it's best if I get correctional eyeglasses, wear it constantly for a month or so until my eyesight goes back to normal.

I'm rethinking what she said. Wearing them for awhile than have permanent damage. I did a little window-shopping and found adorable eyeglasses online to help me with my problems and be a fashion staple. My friend wears eyeglasses on not because she needs it. She wears it because it goes well with her outfit. Haha.

Eyeglasses nowadays are more of a fashion accessory. I guess my visual problem are just in time for me to follow suit! Fashion and functionality. Those two rarely go together. This means, I'm getting more than one pair. Yay!

Geeks as IN as much as eyeglasses are HOT and CHIC. They're a fashion staple. Helps you with the look you want to channel.

Look at Megan. With the eyeglasses on, she's less fierce and laid back. See? See? Eyeglasses make a good statement.


chingching said...

or you could go with contacts? ahaha

aka Procne said...

yeah i know. but eyeglasses give you a different kind of statement!

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