Saturday, March 27, 2010

TEARJERKER! Not again.

I may be a masochist. Tearjerkers. Jeez. They are called so for obvious reasons. Regardless, I always fall for the trap every time. My curiosity gets the better of me though reason nags at the back of my mind to steer clear of tear-inducing films ESPECIALLY with company around.

Just this afternoon however, I shamelessly bawled towards the end of the movie (no spoilers, I promise. Watch trailer on Youtube) and zoned out for a bit. Friends were amused. Bah! Couldn't choke the tears anymore. It was too much. I had to cry. The end was perfect. Just how I wanted it.

Chul soo: 'If you drink that we're going steady'

Soe-jin says:
I love you and only you.
I only think of you.
I only remember you.
How badly do I wish to show you my heart.
Is there any way I can do that while my memory remains?

Carpenter. Rugged. Sweaty. Goatee. Seductive.
Wouldn't want it another way. Just WOW.
Didn't know a carpenter can look this hot.

Okay. Was wrong.
His neat look. Gorgeous.
I tell you. There were far too many squeals we let out watching him, er, the movie.

And oh yeah. Did I mention I watched this movie THRICE already? No. Not thrice in a row silly. I'm not a freak. At least not that worse.. YET. Buuuuut, still cried even at the third time.

Great, great movie. Such a classic.


Golden said...

I so love that Korean actress. Her beauty is so simple yet captivating. I love watching Korean dramas. May I know where you watched this from (I mean did you watch it online?)

By the way, thanks for following my blog. *hugs*

Lots of love,

aka Procne said...

A friend downloaded it and I asked for a copy.

But you know? you can watch it on MYSOJU.COM. They have a long list of asian dramas and movies you can watch on your spare time.

It was my pleasure following your blog. Love your posts.

mya said...

Girls need friends that they can watch and cry with. Some films get to us regardless of how many times we see them, and we can say some of the dialogue right along with the actors. Love those films.

aka Procne said...

The thing was, I was not planning on crying. I tried not to.

Classic movies. And right, I can say some of the dialog already but still.. those tears keep coming.


lucas said...

sounds reallY interesting. whenever i watch tear-jerkers, i make sure that i watch it ALONE! HAHA!

aka Procne said...

HAHAHAHA. yeah. GUYS should really watch it alone..

Find it funny when men bawl over a movie. ;p

Golden said...

Hi sis, thanks for dropping me a comment.

Lots of love,

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