Friday, March 26, 2010

Busy Busy Week And Loving It So Far

If there's one thing I learned about being a graduating student, the end of the EXAMS is not the end of the road. THERE ARE PRE-GRADUATION requirements one has to comply before donning that gown on the BIG DAY. Jeez. The fines, the clearance that had to be signed, paper works and more activities YOU had to go to or else..

I don't mind really. At all. IF, the things I mentioned above do not entail waking up at 8am to be at the activity, hop from one building to another under the scorching heat of the sun, draining your resources which you hoped to spend on outings with friends and rummaging through a pile of dusty old, beaten and overused grad gowns to find one close to being decent to wear on THE big day.

BUT I AM HAPPY. Just because:
  1. I got through. I passed. We all passed. No one's gonna be left behind in our batch.
  2. Watched almost all the movies I horded from the internet. And still into it by the way.
  3. Sleepovers with friends!!!
  4. Eat. Sleep. Eat. Sleep.
  5. Be a couch potato the whoooole day.
  6. Wake up late to have brunch and sleep again. (wait. that's just 4 right? LOL)
  7. Changed the layout of my blog.
  8. I can be just laze around home all day. Sip tea/drink coffee with fashion mag on hand.
I hosted our JPIAN night too. Again with Hussein Balt. He's an awesome partner. Nah. Not because he's a crowd pleaser (kidding! haha) but because I can get away with teasing him!

The Co-Host, Balt. (name's Hussein, but Balt's easier to say)

Us in action. There were only a few who got to attend.
Still having their finals. Too bad.

Superb doxology. Preferred to have more of the violin.
Though I'm not saying singer's mediocre.
She's our college's best.

Okay, allow me this photo.
I loved the ensemble.
I love love the top my Mom bought me from Kamiseta.

As you can see. The place still has a lot of EMPTY seats. tsk.

Friends. (Mardi, incoming Pres.; Marjun, some naive kid. (JOKE!))


Crowd. Kidding. Our Adviser.

Ex.President Jimmy.

Was restless the entire night. Guilty of something. It was put behind as soon as my friends crashed my place to spend the night. And this movie filled the house with laughter at the ungodly hour of 3am.

Nick (see right) was insanely hilarious!!!
Watched the movie, uhm, thrice.
Yep. It's that GOOD.

My best friend spent the night here too just last night. For reasons I do not want to disclose. No one wants to humiliate oneself. We watched a funny movie too. Forgetting Sarah Marshall is a pick-me-upper. Really funny! You'll be laughing every minute of it. Swear.

Looking forward to a fun week ahead. And tomorrow's my Mom's birthday. Yay.

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chingching said...

lazing around is good! yeeeey!

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