Sunday, March 21, 2010

Make A Learned Decision. Cast That Vote!

I blatantly admit that I have lost hope for my country. Not totally though. It is weak. But it flickers, at least.

Less than two months, I am obliged to exercise my right to vote for the very first time. I am faced with this dilemma to choose among the Presidentiables. Not one of them appeals me. With what this country has faced, I only see political warfare of strategies to top the surveys, to woo voters with empty promises, to revive their long lost hopes ONLY to devastatingly crush them after they take their seats in public office.

I cannot help but wonder, how all these men vying for power going go to get their 'investment' back? We all know they have spent millions in selling themselves, in whatever media they can use to spread awareness of their campaigns and platforms. One has reportedly spent billions. Which make you question their sincerity for public service. We are faced with a long line of politicians in our ballots but only few are statesmen. Only few have sincere disregard of self-interest and more of passionate service for this nation that has been crippled and sickened with corruption, poverty and injustice.

BUT, I have to choose. To choose a leader to whom I can place my hope and confidence. To rest my vote to someone who will take the immediate first steps, in the next six years, in gearing this country to a better nation. To UNIFY it. To renew hopes in each dejected Filipinos who have resigned their fate to poverty and corruption and capitulated to the immediate fact they have acknowledged for years and years, that there is NO WAY OUT of the tunnel. For what is the use of all the programs a leader tries to implement if his subordinates do not believe in the system?

Thus, barely two months more, I narrow my choices to two candidates and they are Manuel 'Manny' Villar and Gilbert 'Gibo' Teodoro.

No doubt, Villar has one, if not, the best campaign strategy there is to date. His campaign jingle dominated the airwaves. Everyone can sing along to the song though many refuse to but I know they know it well. From rags to riches, out of his industrious efforts, he has climbed the social ladder and afforded him a seat in the Senate. He uses this fact to connect with the MASA. And surveys say, it is an effective move, to direct his message to the MASA, and for the MASA the poeple which comprise the majority of the country's population. Other campaign ads aren't as sympathetic and geared towards them but a learned person can hurriedly say, it's merely a campaign tactic.

Filipino masses must know a good leader need not have experienced the same storms in life to understand their situation. True. Manny Villar had his fair share of troubles early in his life unlike the other candidates who are from prominent families, he was born POOR. He keeps reminding us that you know. But what of sincerity? What of capability? What of feasible projects appropriate to tackle present issues in the country? What of socio-economic steps to battle unemployment? What of plans of infrastructure to attract foreign investments? Plans for agriculture? Preventive measures for calamities as our country constantly face seasonal typhoons? All these combined are essential in setting a stage for my fellowmen to overcome poverty, contrary to Villar's unrealistic claims. We must remember, the government is responsible only to provide us with means to help us with poverty and it is up to us to take this privilege and use it to our advantage.

If I had not clicked the links provided by a good friend of mine on Facebook (YES! facebook is useful at times you know?) I would have had set my eyes on Villar. But now, I am set on Gibo Teodoro. He has the makings of a good leader. One who is sincere, discerning, and capable in leading this country. Yes, like you, I was hasty to pass judgment on his suspicious affiliation to President GMA. This has become the main obstacle that he has to handle. His affiliation with the infamous President will make it difficult for him to win. Bu we have to have learned decisions. Don't just jump at the bandwagon. Not because many are saying it, it is the truth. He does not represent the President and he is far from being the second PGMA. You must read this article from PhilStar. After reading it, I was enlightened. Of course, I have to investigate and read more. But reading it has completely turned me around, changed my prior perspective about this man making public service his business.

Yes, his ad on TV may not be as appealing and 'marketable' as the others have who, in my opinion, are feigning empathy. Ridiculous. They look like marketing a new product on TV. All of them promise to end poverty. Foolish promise. No ONE MAN can end poverty. We ourselves should END poverty, to get ourselves out of it. Through hard work, patience and valiant effort to get out of the hell hole. It is unfortunate my fellowmen have blinded beliefs that ONE president can end it all. They, we, must understand it is a continuous process to mitigate a problem. There is NO overnight solution.

I have set my eyes on Gibo Teodoro.

I place my hopes for the next six years on him.

And I hope to GOD he wins for the sake of this country.

The kind of President I'm looking for.

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