Friday, January 15, 2010

Stop Animal Cruelty. Save Dolphins.

Dolphins. Don't you just love them? Someday, I'd love to swim with them like Elijah Woods did in his movie, Flipper. Dolphins are so heartwarming to see and be with. They are harmless, friendly, intelligent and so graceful. Their mere nature entertains and draws people. As they make their playful jump in the waters, you can't help but be thankful God created them.


Yes. What you see are Calderon dolphins. The waters are stained red with their blood shed for enjoyment, a part of Denmark's tradition. Yes, the people you see are passive spectators of an annual event in Feroe island, Denmark.

In this mortifying slaughter, teens kill these Calderon dolphins to show they have reached adulthood. One by one, these dolphins are butchered until they die drenched in their own blood.
How can these people dispassionately watch such cruelty? How can they stand there doing nothing, deaf to the helpless cries of one of the most amazing creatures in the world?

Help spread the word. Help stop the cruelty in DENMARK. Is it possible to write a petition for them. If you happen to read this, if you have been moved and disgusted with the heartless slaughter of these dolphins, please post these pictures in your blog or share it on facebook or anywhere that could bring awareness to everyone.

One way or another we can do something, no matter how small. Little things, when put together, can do wonders. And it concerns all of us. I believe as superior beings we are tasked as stewards for these creatures and it is but right to fight for their welfare. For they are not capable of defending themselves.

Lilith and I has helped spread the word. It's your turn.


Anonymous said...

困難的背後,隱藏著通往成功的階梯 ....................................................

Nafih said...

what the hell is wrong with you Denmark people? The reason those dolphins come to you is because it's a friendly creature.. and in return for their friendliness you spill their blood and kill them? How is this an entertain view? All those wonderful creatures are dying while crying for help..

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