Thursday, January 14, 2010


Had a very looong day.

Our org's hosting a regional event in two weeks and we still lack funds. So hard to mobilize without proper financial support. If we keep on waiting for other officers to do what they were tasked weeks ago, we'll end up making a blunder of everything. So, we took things to our hands, roamed around the city asking alms, er, soliciting from politicians, CPA's, and basically anyone we can think of. Of course, it came with a formal letter. Sheesh.

After an exhausting day downtown, had to head home to change clothes for a good friend's send off party. Had to get there early coz she has no idea we're helping her family set up the party.

Boy were we glad to see her overjoyed!!! The gathering was intimate. Her family's remarkably close-knit! She' so blessed to have them. That's all I can say for now.

Whew. Need to get a good night's rest. Tomorrow's another tiring day.

I'll upload photos as soon as she posts them on facebook!


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