Sunday, December 20, 2009

Charice Tops Oprah's Online Poll

2009 is indeed Charice's best year yet. Ever since the fated video was uploaded on Youtube, she has reached lengths in the international scene having Oprah as adviser and manager. The TV mogul was so impressed with her remarkable talent that she took her under her care.

Now an online poll for Best Oprah Show Musical Performance of the Year put Charice on the pedestal as she gained 70% of the total votes from the TV show's thousands of followers. She beat other big names like the Black Eyed Peas which came in second with a mere 9% of the votes, rock band Journey, Rascal Flatts, Whitney Houston, Michael Buble, Jennifer Hudson and James Taylor.

I have already expressed my admiration to this kid who has persevered and ignored everyone who tried to bring her down. All those tears and hardship she went through was all worth it as she is on top of the game she is in. She only dreamed of winning a popular singing contest here in the Philippines once and sadly she only came second but look at where she's at now. Guest singing for Celine Dion, going on tours with David Foster (her producer) while recording an album, topping an online poll at Oprah's website and her version, 'Note To God' now tops sales in Amazon and iTunes. WOW.


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