Thursday, August 6, 2009

Jeff Dunham's Achmed The Dead Terrorist


The video's really funny if you ignore the racist attacks. It's alarming to know that my bro showed me this vid. He watches it again and again and it's not good. Especially with all the profane words dropped casually by Achmed. Though I know he won't comprehend the underlying attacks against certain races, I look out to his moral shaping and his perspective towards people and their differences. And this video ain't healthy.


Sush said...

I do secretly love Achmed haha the video is funny but I agree its not for everyone especially not younger people who might think that racial slurs may be cool

aka Procne said...

I knoow right. Achmed IS funny minus the racial slurs. Don't want my bro to grow up with a narrow perspective towards racial differences.

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