Saturday, August 8, 2009

in need of cool breeze

The northern part of the country's suffering from Typhoon Kiko's wrath. He left several parts of the country in destruction. The heavy downpour coupled with angry winds destroyed livelihood, left families homeless and cold, drowned people, and had hundreds of passengers and motorists stranded on the road.

They're cold while we suffer here from the heat! Despite sitting here with electric fan positioned in a way that its breeze points directly at me, it did but little service in relieving the heat. I took a bath twice today. This too was fruitless. The water is lukewarm barely enough to cool my body. And as soon as I take one step out of the bathroom, I am welcomed with a hot breeze. I am already annoyed with the humidity. Annoyed at the lack of comfort I've had the whole day.

As I read today's news regarding the destruction the typhoon has caused and the families it left homeless and grieving for loved ones lost, I have been selfish. My complaints is nothing compared to their loss.

On a brighter, you just have to listen to this woman's music. She's a bit like Ingrid Michealson only a lighter version. Ingrid's more dreamy and surreal. Still she's got good music.

Listen to her here.


flipt said...
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flipt said...

i'm a feist listener too!

..and i thought for a moment you were gonna go all cathartic with all the destruction kiko has wreaked upon the northern part of the warming huh? x_x

aka Procne said...

Haha. If I did you would've stopped reading altogether. LOL

YES! crazy. i'm feeling its effects. Should've took Al Gore's blabs on HBO seriously. Sheesh.

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