Thursday, August 6, 2009

Christmas in August?

Nothing could go wrong today. Nothing. I'm in a mood to celebrate!

There are a number of reasons why...

  1. Classes are suspended effective today, 12 pm. When Jepoy texted me, I jus shrugged because I'm used to his jokes AND I didn't want to keep my hopes up. Haha.
  2. Ivan told me the suspension will extend until Monday due to a detected AH1N1 case in our school.
  3. When I got out of the bathroom to prepare for school (this was prior to Jepoy's sms), my Mom came and said, 'Can you please get some of the things I left in the car?' She had this knowing smile so I hurriedly changed and went out to get her things. And whoa...MYLAPTOP sitting nicely at the backseat!!!

I found it stupid seeing people naming their gadgets. Now? I think I know why..

Damn. Can't get the smile off my face. Can't wait to show my new lappie to lil bro. He'd definitely love it.

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