Sunday, August 16, 2009

a book gets you pensive

Spent the whole afternoon trapped in the streets of the old enchantress -a city in the name of Barcelona. I lie awake on my bed, plans of siesta forgotten, rediscovering an intricate story written by a Spanish author, Carlos Ruiz Zafon. Years have passed since I've read The Shadow of the Wind, and yet, it still rendered me intoxicated, yearning for more. I find myself, reading the last chapter again, this time slowly, relishing words, and conjuring images of the characters I fell in love with.

I owe this to Kara, my best friend also in love with books, introduced me years ago to the book. Since then, I have never forgotten the tragic story of Julian Carax and Penelope Aldaya. To which I will always have the urge rediscover, again and again in years to come. It's a classic.

On contrary to Nuria Monfort (character in the story), life offers us second chances in every turn of corners and alleyways we venture everyday. Sadly, all too often, we disregard new roads or rather failing to notice them as we drown in our self-imposed misery, relentlessly reliving the past and painful memories. No one is to blame but ourselves for our obstinate refusal to move forward, for choosing a life of endless regret and for the forgiveness one deprives from oneself thinking it punishment to unatoned sins.

Should you wait for the twilight? You let pass a glorious sunrise. But fret not, one can always wait for another breaking of the skies making way for shining rays. Go ahead. Forgive yourself for past mistakes, for chances you have let go, and for unrealized dreams. Search for a new one. There can never be just only ONE.

"As long as we are remembered, we are alive."


Sush said...

hmm sounds like a good read!

aka Procne said...

Absolutely. Get yourself a copy!

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