Thursday, July 30, 2009

The 'Senior' Syndrome

I'm living my last two years in college and life has never been the same.

  1. Schedules are more rigid. Hellish. Annoying. AND unbelievably full of surprises.
  2. Professors never had been THIS demanding.
  3. Cramming IS NOT AN OPTION (anymore). I do have plans to get through this year you know.
  4. Anxieties over the future. Obsessive about what could be's. Where am I heading to? What comes next? The creepy queries you never get an answer to and to which you end up going on your head again and again. Creeps into you out of the blue. Ugh.
  5. SLEEPING is a luxury.
  6. Strolling around town on a school day? You wanna fail next day's exam? Oh no..
  7. A growing pile of books stashed on the top shelf. New. And crying, 'READ ME!'
  8. Friends and family, they keep you grounded.
  9. Time is PLATINUM. Schedule, schedule, schedule.
  10. Make most of every day you have in school.
Two months have gone by. Sheesh. Lalalalalalalala... Lalalalalalaalala.. Time's ticking fast. I can't believe it. Pft. I'm both excited and anxious. What would I be like three, four years from now? I'd probably be a fashionista career woman. I'd plan all the clothes I'll wear for work! HAHA. That's one thing I'm looking forward to. Prob is, will i have enough funds to buy all the clothes I'll fancy?

Will I be working and living away from home just the way I wanted? I HOPE SO!!! Dying to have the independent life. I've been with my parents for like 20 years. You live by their rules, you're watched 24/7 and the MAJOR lowdowns: NO OVERNIGHTS, NO STAYING OUT LATE AT NIGHT PARTYING AT SOME CLUB.

Thinking of the future again. Must. Stop. I should focus on THE NOW.

So. I think finally my Mom would buy me my own laptop. And the choices are just endless. Dunno where to start and what laptop suits me best without hurting Ma's pockets. Recently, touch phones are just love but I'm worried they might crash too soon. So, Nokia's E63 caught my attention esp. with its cheap price. Can't help but wonder if it's too much if i ask for a new phone too. Like duh. My phones are all hand me downs. It's time I get a NEW one, for real.

Pft. Wishful thinking.

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