Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Getting Sick Sucks

I woke up on Saturday morning unusually tired and feverish. Nuts. I can't be sick.

Despite the 37 degree normal temperature, I still drank the bioflu tablet I found in the fridge just in case. I made myself a cup of coffee, grabbed my ipod and flipped through the pages in the magazine while waiting for the med to work. It didn't. My room was a few steps away and the door was ajar; just enough for me to catch a glimpse of my ruffled bed beckoning me back.

I ended up spending the entire day at home and slightly regretting not showing up for the day's activities in school. I called Stef and asked her if she's going to watch the night events but she said she's unsure so I decided to go with my folks for dinner at The Don's. When I got back home, I had the strange feeling of getting to school, to watch my friends perform onstage because it might be the last! Yay. But then again, I don't feel well and I have yet to study for the Monday's exam since we're heading to CDO to buy me a LAPTOP! Teehee. Yep. Sucks huh? I'd have to be sick when I'd spend the whole day next day browsing for lappies. Tsk. I better be okay on Sunday.

NOT! Shoot. My body's not working with me, I still feel TIRED but slightly better. Since all of them are going I can't stay home alone. No one's cooking for lunch. I'd STARVE. Off I went. In the mall, I seemed okay. I browsed through lappies and made a short trip to Sony center mainly to buy a digicam and let Ma check out the SONY VAIOs. I flipped at the price! 60k bucks for one? Even pricier than a Macbook. WTH! Why do these eye candies have to be sooo expensive? It broke my heart. Though Ma was already willing to purchase one, I suddenly can't do that to her. I bravely walked out the store and set my mind for Acer, Lenovo or Toshiba while chanting to myself, 'Ditch the mac. Don't make the trip upstairs. Ditch the mac. Ditch the mac' Quite effective. My inside chanting was cut short when Ma suddenly told me, 'Let's buy you a phone.' Waaah! I was.. I was... genuinely excited and feeling better! Haha. All it took was a phone to get me better. Demit. Those meds didn't work. LOL. While standing in line, having my new phone checked and tried it out, my world spun and I was seeing stars. And I mean it in a literal way. I hear myself saying in a weak voice while grabbing hold of my Ma's shoulders, 'I feel dizzy.'

I caught hold of my senses to a young man's worried voice (Miss, okay lang ka? Okay lang ka? ). I saw my Ma, worry painted all over her face. All I said was, 'Uli na ta Ma.'

All boiled down to Anemia and fatigue. Those late nights (I sleep at 1 am no less) and overexertion and lack of proper vitamins. AYOKO NANG UMEKSENA pa in public. Haha. Have to take my vitamins, I really need to. I already stocked up on ferrous sulfate and C. Sigh.


dYL said...

wtf you got a cam, a phone and a laptop ALL IN ONE GO?? pwede pa-adopt? awh. haha.

Joh and i just talked about the Timeline's specs, and i think its good, considering he's buying it.

kajot lang, unsa na cam imo gipalit sa Sony? hopefully you didn't buy the series where everything at the back is touchscreen. :s I haven't used Pammy to the fullest because of the fear i might damage his back side, and thus have a non-functional touch screen camera to work on.

hahy. life is freaky these days.

aka Procne said...

I knoooow right? can't believe my luck. I just asked Ma for a laptop lang gyud when she suddenly decided to buy me a phone as well.

i bought the Lenovo girl! THE LENOVO. The Acer's not dual core and considering I multi-task a lot, I took Lenovo AAAAAND it looked cute while the Acer looked boring. Joh told me about Acer's timeline series but when I checked out Lenovo kanina, i fell in love. LOL

Ma bought a cam for herself. It's not touchscreen, I told her to buy the W series, I already have a cam na.

Life is just freaky these days Dyl because WE'RE older.

Anonymous said...

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