Friday, July 17, 2009


There are times when you just run out of titles. This is an online diary anyway. You don't put titles to your diary entries right? Coz it's just plain time-consuming. Usually, you write when you're at the height of an experience you want to share to your future self. So I decided to leave it UNTITLED. Haha. Excuses. Excuses.

I haven't been blogging much. Utilizing what little time I have after classes is a challenge. I no longer torture my nerve cells with watching series reruns. Joking about school is not a laughing matter anymore. I can't just idle my time away. I become restless and somewhat worried if I let the day end without reading Business law or solving problems. I keep obsessing about the present and future. I have fears haunting me randomly each day. They inevitably pop out of nowhere leaving me disturbed and apprehensive.

Fear of failure is not healthy. I'd be a liar if I say I don't have this fear. It's the one ugly stain in my faith that I badly want to get rid off.

Prayers, family and friends keep me sane and grounded. If they have so much faith in me, how can I not have the same confidence in myself? I never thought I'll make it this far in my course. This fact alone is already a blessing. I pray that once again, God will hear my cries of help and help me get through.

College is indeed a rollercoaster ride. What I had in high school cannot compare. I was more carefree and sure of what comes next.

Time flies fast. Senior year seemed a long way off when I was a freshman. Now I am living it and my only hopes is to get through it and get qualified for the fifth year. And on and on and on to my next goals whatever they may be.

In GOD I trust. Glory be to HIM.

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AVA said...

yah, i usually have the problem with titles. i go blank, but I do like having titles:P

good luck with your senior year in college. i hope all goes well and may all your dreams for graduation come true!:)

friends and family are the best. i can't be with out them,

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