Sunday, March 22, 2009

American Idol Favorites

Now I understand the reason behind the American Idol frenzy. Why people worldwide expectantly watch the show rooting for their faves. How each aspirant crosses their hands for Simon Cowell's approval; that tight-shirt-wearing-weird-hairdo Cowell sure is hard to please. American Idol won't be without Cowell's scathingly frank remarks, would it? Admit it! You hate him to bits but love him for it.

After 7 successful seasons and world-famous, top record-selling Idols, I finally jumped the bandwagon. I now watch the show religiously each week. In fact, I already have my bets.

megan joy corkrey

I listen to a lot of jazzy blues and her voice has the potential to become the next Amy Winehouse, Adele and Duffy. And don't start talking about the tattoo covering her right arm; it has nothing to do with her voice. Much as Winehouse's addiction to drugs has nothing to do with the music she makes.

Her Walkin' After Midnight was HOT! She should get sick more. That was her best performance ever! And I'm thrilled to know she's in the Idol's summer tour.

matt giraud

What can I say? You gotta give it to the guy; he's versatile. He can be Timberlake (Jimmy Kimmel nicknamed him Justin Timberfake) and be Michael Buble on the side. A true measure of a brilliant artist is versatility and style and he's got these. So, most probably he'll make it through.

Danny Gokey

The Idol's favorite. He's not my first choice but there's just something about Gokey that's appealing. As opposed to the judges' enthusiastic remarks on his Jesus, Take The Wheel rendition, I honestly think he just slain it. 'Twas horrific. Underwood should be upset. Still, I'm looking forward for his future performances.

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isabel said...

oh yeah! Parehas ta'g bets te jade. But i've included ADAM LAMBERT in my list. Igatan xa! Ahw. I mean sa iyang latest performance....ring of fire. I actually have watched the show nga puros COUNTRY music ilang gikanta. The best jud tong girl nga iyang gikanta Walking After Midnight...gwapa pud xa. The best always wins! ahw. Hurray to Simon Cowell!ΓΌ

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