Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mcdo Philippines' First Love Ad

Writing is indeed therapeutic! Thank God for the people who invented internet and blogs or digital diaries as what I fondly call this. Writing, in the literal sense, discourages me to jot down my thoughts as I think faster than I write. Often times, it curtails my ability to communicate what I truly wanted to express. When faced with messed up days, blogs become useful as a venting medium to temporarily relieve one's self from feeling crappy. Just like what I did a while ago.

Don't worry. This is not, by far, a sappy post. So read on.

The title implied it all, so need I say more? Hm, perhaps I should. I am admittedly a fan of ads. Ads which deserve attention, I suppose. Ads like of Mcdo's! They always have well-conceptualized ads which leave the viewers like me talk about it the next day.

That's just what I did when I saw this:

Let me add a few comments:

  1. Why can someone be soo insensitive to ignore one hot geek's feelings?
  2. Can geeks be this hot?
  3. Was that regret? If it was.. WHAT THE HELL! As my friend Angeli once wrote in my other blog, Mcdo might be encouraging infidelity. The woman's married and she's got a kid. (As to the woman's expression as the geek dipped his fries on the sundae)
  4. I was expecting a hilarious treat but this one's still grand. Already added it to my favorite commercials list.
"Kahit hindi man kami sa huli, siya pa rin ang first love ko."

Translation (I'll try to write it in a way that it captures the whole concept)

"We may not have ended up together, but she will always be my first love"


Fiazio said...

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yuki_sen said...

this commercial is indeed very nice. i feel his pain!!! i LOLed at yer comments though. ^_^

aka Procne said...

Riiiiight. Years of admiration. Tsk. Is that even possible? Sa panahon ngayon?

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