Saturday, November 15, 2008

Robert Pattinson: From Vampire Prince to Gay Poet

He must be kidding me. Of all follow up movies for Twilight, Pattinson chooses to play Salvador Dali, a gay poet, in Little Ashes. I understand his quest on proving his versatility as an actor but couldn't he have chosen a better timing? Let's say, decades after, he can play all the hideous characters he wants for all I care. Never liked him from the very beginning but knowing the inevitable circumstances of seeing his face on EVERY Twilight movie in the future, I thought of learning to like the actor, you know? BUT WTH? He freakin' messed it all up. I'll be starting from scratch again.

Not that I plan to watch the movie but of course, write-ups regarding the flick will surely sprout everywhere on the web. Heaven forbid the day I'll come up one article regarding the butt love scene more intense than Brokeback's. Sick.

Click here for the plot summary.

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