Thursday, November 27, 2008


Growing attached to someone is never a bad thing. In fact, it is a wonderful gift worth celebrating for. You own something worth holding on to.

Attachments only get hard when both parties need to go their separate ways due to circumstances they have or have no control of. But whatever the reason for leaving, the phase of separation to eventual adjustment is always the most difficult part. You got so used to their presence that you thought they'd always be there. But then, you find yourself wishing them there with you to:

  1. listen to your crazy stories
  2. laugh at your silly mistakes
  3. stroll aimlessly around town after getting those depressing exam results
  4. whine over gaining weight..swear on following a strict diet..and after a moment, decide on eating anyway.. who cares.
  5. verbally abuse despotic professors behind their backs
  6. help in times of desperate need ("pass the formula", "what's the answer for number blah")
  7. update you on the latest gossip in town
  8. share jokes then laugh loudly for the other class to hear
  9. nickname people
  10. trade DVDs and suggesting the must-see movies
  11. cram minutes before the exam
  12. make a pact to study..get home early.. and in defeat, sends an sms saying 'there's still tomorrow, why don't we just watch the latest season of...'
  13. pull pranks on everyone in class and burst laughing whenever they bite it.
  14. surprise each other on their birthdays
  15. hang out, just for the love of it
  16. argue over the MOST nonsensical things you can ever think of
  17. overreacting over anything!
  18. stifling a squeal when you happen to see someone uber-CUTE!
My list can go on but I have to stop since I still have homework to do. I really intended this for someone who I know is having a difficult time missing our company. Lil, you are missed the way you're missing us. I know it's a lot harder for you there, seeing you know almost no one you're comfortable with.

Usually, I shy away from posting very personal entries on this blog but for your sake, I did this for you and for others in our block who've left and who think they are no longer a part of us. Especially you girl! We, the four us, we're buddies. Every time we find something funny to share we always end up wishing you were there too and imagining how you would react. Wishful thinking must suffice until we meet again, crash the mall and hang out like old times.

See you on Christmas!

PS can we even call it a mall? Sheesh.


crumpled said...

i almost cried daj! thanks for that one., good thing nag net ko outside school para maka.emote ta gamai., i miss you girlfriends!!
call it mall nalang, para choi!! haha

aka Procne said...

Yey. Right after I read your post.. I hurriedly made an entry for you girl.

We miss you!

Anonymous said...

wow. haha.tats kaayo!
long live, 55!! =)

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