Monday, September 15, 2008

When You Least Expect It..

Last weekend, we headed out to Liceo University, Cagayan de Oro city. They were the host for the Regional Goodwill Day. Being our school's delegate for the Oral Interpretative Contest, I am obliged to go. I can't say it was FUN because the socials don't come til dark. It was unfortunate for my parents to fetch me RIGHT after my contest and that was around noon. I'd have to hurry and meet them at the mall where we had our lunch.

When I first knew, they were really coming to get me, all my hopes of getting to hang out with my friends the whole night painfully shattered. The thought of shopping did not give me the comfort I needed. To divert my attention, I braced myself for the contest. I came to the venue a bit late. Everyone was so hyped up and confident while I chose to be indifferent. My fellow contestants asked me if I was okay. They must have mistaken my downtrodden spirit as wracked nerves when honestly, I was not rooting to win. There were more than ten contestants coming from various schools and my chances of winning without preparation at all was nil! And to add to that, shattered hopes of getting to party the night away!!! All I cared for was to give a good performance, enough to avoid my colleagues hiding in shame.

So minutes later, the contest piece was handed out to us. A poem. Great. A poem I never encountered my entire life. The Conqueror Worm by Edgar Allan Poe. Are they shitting me? This is for an English major student. Haven't they noticed that we're all freaking accounting majors? How can they expect us to deliver this DECENTLY? Apart from Poe's trademark style of writing tragic and melancholic pieces, I had no freaking idea what to make out of the poem. Fifteen short minutes, I tell you, is not enough to translate Poe's poem to English! You get my drift? But thank goodness, I was not alone with this dilemma. I was not the only one cursing audibly for the facilitator's to hear (no rules against cussing). That was 5 minutes cussing and mouthing complaints. It leaves me 10 minutes to prepare. In my thoughts, I was already saying apologies to my alma mater for the shame I'll be making.

My turn came up. Surprisingly, I was a bit composed. No shaking. When I got to the stage facing a sea of faces staring at me, cold sweat broke out. It all happened in a blur. All I knew was I did my best, acted like a lunatic and saw TWO freaking FUGLY spectators making fun of me. Clearly, I was their laughingstock!!! Call me paranoid but can you blame me for thinking such? I must have looked stupid. I was annoyed and perturbed. I knew then, I lost. I saw it coming but still it pains me to see my seniors and my friends ashamed (that's what I thought) and disappointed. That is the main reason why I dislike having friends watch me in a contest. The thought of upsetting them tortures me.

I was eager to go out and go home. I immediately went to the dressing room and found my way to the mall. The bookstores massive sale drove all thoughts of the contest. I felt at peace and relieved. The books I bought at a bargain comforted me.

Here's the shocker. I won!!! I can't believe it. I turned out to be the CHAMPION! Can't believe my luck! haha!Zynth texted me around 12.30 AM.. I had to read it again and again to make sure I was reading it right and not imagining it. I have the tendency to confuse reality to the unreal (figments of my imagination). I was like, 'Your're kidding me right?' 'Hell no! You've earned yourself a trophy girl.' And my lips curved into a wide grin. I wish I was there to receive the award and shove it to the FUGLY spectators who amde fun of me! Ha!


Kara said...

Go, go, go! Maayo kaayo ka Jade! CONGRATS!! <3 <3 <3

chanteuse sanders said...

Go ate Jade! You have it made! (it rhymes?)

chanteuse sanders said...

Naa nako copy sa kang Edward Cullen na version sa Twilight. Midnight Sun!

aka Procne said...

You have? Like the book? or Ebook?

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