Friday, September 12, 2008

I'm Back!

I have been AWOL for more than a week and it's not because I have been busy. In fact, the past two weeks seemed more like a vacation. Classes were constantly disrupted due to our college's preparations for the long-awaited accreditation last week. Our professors were poring their noses over papers and documents and making sure our college building looked inviting, neat and organized (yeah right). After the accreditation? Everything went back to normal! Of course, things got topsy-turvy in the college lounge again. Haha.

So anyway. Our busted monitor is the cause of my absence online. I felt like a hermit. It didn't feel right to ask money again from my folks knowing they have spent a bit much for my birthday vacation in the resort plus some money for Stephenie Meyer's books. Yes. I plan to own all four.

I will be posting pictures from Duka Bay resort. A milestone since it's the first time I felt like it REALLY is my birthday in nine years. Haha. I cannot express my delight in words. I hope from now on, I can assert how I want to celebrate it and not be silenced with tradition.

Oh.. I am happy to say that tomorrow, I'll be heading to another FUN activity. There is this Regional Goodwill day where I'm our school's delegate for the Oral interp contest. I'll be there with friends. I do hope I can convince my Mom to spend the night there with some of my block mates you know. But, I shouldn't get my hopes high. I maybe 19 already but that does not stop them from being protective. Especially now, when there are still threats from the MILF. *sigh*

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