Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Birthday Weekend: An Overdue Post

blowing my uhm..birthday..leche flan

Yes, I'm officially 19.. As I like to put it, it's my last year as a teenager. It's not much of a difference though for frankly I am still shockingly immature. Why? Lemme give you seven reasons. One, I still throw tantrums once in a while; I sulk at home whenever I don't get to watch my favorite anime. The living room is my DOMAIN (my bro often disagrees but I'm older so I usually get my way). Two, I FIGHT and ARGUE with my bro when it comes to Oreo, Ice cream and chocolates. He usually eats my share. PIG. Three, stuffed toys and dolls scare me. I feel like their following my every move. So I put them on the top shelf but still it doesn't stop me from thinking those teddy bears might come down and strangle me when I'm sound asleep. Four, dogs at night give me the creeps. HATE my neighbor's dogs. To hell with them!!! Five, I still LURVE cartoon network. Six, I feel dejected whenever my Papa refuses to piggy-back me and carry me around the house. Seven, I am ultra sensitive. It doesn't show, but ask my Mama, I cry quite easily over senseless things.

And to give tribute to my 19th birthday, we all went to Duka Bay where I had my first REAL and quiet celebration in nine years! I couldn't be happier. For the first time in a long while, I felt like it REALLY is my birthday. From now on, I will insist on how I should celebrate it and not be put down with tradition. I am sure my grandfather would understand, wherever he is.

My two-day stay was fun. I enjoyed trying the aqua bike and had muscle pains right after (haha!).. And the most exciting part was when I got to see corals and a variety of fishes and got to feed them too!!! How cool is that? They were so friendly. They all got used to interacting with us humans. As long as you've got food in your hand, they'd approach you and eat it right out of your fingers. Even when I jumped in the water, I did not scare them away. They still lingered by my side and from there I continued feeding them with crushed biscuits.

on the way to some fish

just take a look at my excited face while feeding the fishes..

trying out the aqua bike

my birthday leche flan; compliments from the resort and staff

with the staff

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