Tuesday, August 26, 2008

On Having Cher As Catwoman

Cast a 62-year-old to play the role? Are they nuts?! Hahaha. The good thing about reading this rumor is cheering me up after a rough day in school. But seriously, CHER? I love how Telegraph puts it on having Cher as Catwoman, "A vamp in her twilight years." I wonder how she reacts when she reads it.

Of course, rumors are rumors. In fact, no announcements have been made regarding the next Batman movie. It's not even sure if Director Nolan or Christian Bale are coming back. So, how much more with the villains?

Why am I writing this post in the first place? Pure amusement. Cher. LOL. I want to see Jolie be the baddie again!!! Hello, Jolie fan here.


Pasyon, Emmanuel C. said...

ako rin, jolie ang boto ko. mas malapit sa feline ang features tsaka aura (?!) ni jolie. kay cher mas malapit sa canine. british bulldog. na trans. hihihi.

(joke lang cher. paborito ko kanta mo, lalo na yung Would you Believe in ...)

aka Procne said...

Grabe. Ang harsh mo namang makacomment. LOL

Pasyon, Emmanuel C. said...

oo nga.

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